“Never change. I can’t be Hollywood. I’m way too country. Plus I’m bumping through my neighborhood.” -Big K.R.I.T.

To do the same thing over and over creates good habits. Especially in cooking heat. Big K.R.I.T.’s recipe for a dish of Southern Success? Spending ten years perfecting his craft. Producing every song on his Return of 4eva mixtape labored a full course meal. Southern Hip-Hop created a base rue for Big K.R.I.T’s gumbo music recipeIt has been slow cooked to leave the audience happy & full. Watching his live performance, you witness the hard task were completed with a passion. This tour is his success in the kitchen.

The R4 Intro seemed crafted as a perfect intro to begin with, city to city, state to state. R4 Intro is  “not easy to talk about”. You experience it.

There’s something about being underground. The innocence, the safety, the drive. Fans protect underground artist like family. The fear of them being bigger than yesterday feels like abandonment. That crossover just ain’t for everyone. Big K.R.I.T. defies that pull with a southern coast attached. In his words, “Mainstream is cool. But in my heart, forever underground.” I can dig it.