Vision Board

 Energy is Everything. Operate with people on your wavelength. Tune into your frequencies and vibrate. Everything isn’t for everybody! How do you know if they are on your wavelength? Meditate and listen! Vibrating is not about what someone can do for you. It encompasses what they do to you. Do they take you Higher? Every Level has a What?You know. If they are not where you are, acknowledge that, and keep it moving. No love loss, just nothing more invested.  I tell my Bestie all the time believe who people are. Yet also believe how they want you to treat them. Listen! People tell you how to treat them. If they push you to act opposite of your TRUE character, that is the sign. You cannot go Higher meddling in the lower levels of your Energy. Are you giving and they just take? Are you left with nothing for You? Giving is to leave you with a sense of wonder. If that’s not the feeling forgive yourself.  Give less or not @ all. Start now. Forgive yourself for operating with Energy below your wavelength. Then open your ears and listen on where that good stuff may be. Cut the ties of rejection & plant new seeds. Water them daily w/ conscious thoughts of knowing your worth Spiritually. You are a great giver! RECEIVE what you put out! Accept nothing short of YOUR glory. Rise to your wavelength. Accept the calling for greater. If you are alone, it’s a perfect time to listen. Being single says there is Greater. The word says seek and ye shall find! If you have not found it change your settings. Just like with our devices! Change the settings!  If you don’t like what you attract, change the background. Think about when you operated at your highest…..pull from that time.  If you still await that time. Begin the journey with a vision board. Mines is above to get you started.  These are things I desire in life. I put it out there. It keeps me balanced. When I seek anything out of this, I stress. It does not include what others want for me because only I dictate my happiness. I turn my levels. I change my station. Be blessed!