Close your eyes after this. Take in the current state of your life. Reflect on the journey there. The introduction to your biggest Joys stem from what? What pushed you a little bit harder? Gave you a lot more clarity. Perspective maybe? Did it hurt? Does it still? When people get their BluPrint they are, sometimes, ungrateful or forgetful. Look at life, give an honor to an Higher Power. It’s a Science in case we forget. Nothing happens by chance. On this journey we often fear what we don’t understand. A moment of meditation clears it all up. What can we embrace a little more? Pray for a little longer? We’ve grown accustomed to judgement because society finds comfort in classifying everything. Ever wonder why the Jungle has order with no Human Aide? There’s no system and rules for everything. The food chain is what it is because a Higher Power said so. The balance is thrown off when self-sufficiency forgets to pay homage. So today, give thanks, forgive yourself and realize where your true help lies. In the words of Bestie, Humility is Sexy. Be Blessed!