If she don’t have the money to pay him, she’d have to wander forever, lost between the two worlds -Inspector Abberline


For decades, composers have played with the melodies that dancers inspire. From Girls, Girls, Girls to Private Dancer, a pedestal is created to worship these heavenly bodies. Yet who massages their mental and washes their working feet?

Frank Ocean

Known for his interpersonal songwriting, Ocean time traveled and gave us a deep rooted love story. It’s Complex and self-described as “a trolling” through our current music production taste. An ancient folklore is sung of Spirits, somehow, lovers in another time or dimension. The cracking, synthesized dive into the present, arrives at division in a sensual home life. What’s the split? 50/50, manhood versus finances.

The video grooves with opium and pay-for-pleasure themes from The Hughes Brothers’, 2001’s Fashion History playground, From Hell.

Society likes to blur the lines with “roles” and “independence”. Frank Oceans’ “Pyramids” seduced you with a reminder. The oldest profession needs love and respect……and so does their lover.