About Echo


Echo Virgil is an Artist, Third Generation Seamstress and Writer. Growing up in a Salon culture, she was surrounded by Beauty Insiders being true Servants of Glamour. Daily childhood rides with a popular, Disc Jockey uncle to distribute his Infamous $5 mixtapes, allowed her to witness the Underground Hustle firsthand.



From Beauty Salons to Neighborhood Cookouts, Music was the movement.

Echo’s love of Fashion and Music found its outlet in a promise to her, then, ailing Grandfather.



When asked what she wanted to study, she informed, her biggest influence and supporter, that Journalism was missing a Niche Market. She knew she wanted to fill that void.


echovirgil.com is Echo’s labor of love from her Life Choices, Events and Lifestyle. While working on her Associates in Fashion Marketing and Design, she often volunteered and was a freelancer behind the scenes of Fashion Shows, Fund Raisers and Nightlife Events in the Atlanta Area. These opportunities developed her gift of trend forecasting and consulting work. Eventually seeds planted from her writings grew into movements she rarely foresaw. Echo’s proudest contribution is writing from a genuine & creative place and watching people adopt the trends. echovirgil.com is Echo’s launching source for all her future projects highlighting Fashion.Beauty.Style.


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